The Vis town is situated in the big and naturally protected bay which lies on the southeastern part of the island Vis. The little island Host and the peninsula Prirovo, together with the bay, create a perfectly safe shelter from the open sea and bad weather.

The history of Vis goes back to the ancient past. Vis is one of the oldest inhabitations on the Croatian soil. The first settlement, Issa was founded by the greek colonists from Sicily in 4 century BC.
Ancient Issa was urban and commercial centre of the Adriatic.
It remained independent until 1 century BC, when it became a part of the Roman Empire.

After that, Issa lost its significant role, but it was still an important strategic position that could control all the maritime ways.
Until the middle of the 20th century, major sources of income for the inhabitants of Vis were vineyards and wine production.

Nowadays, besides wine and olive growing, tourism has taken the leading role in economy.
Many tourists willingly visit monuments and sights from the town's past:

-remains of the ancient Issa (thermae, necropolis, theatre, remains of the port)

-rich sacral inheritage (many churhes, franciscan monastery)

-villas of noblemen from Hvar and Vis (Jakša, Dojmi Delupis, Hektorović)

-Venetian, English and Austrio-Hungarian fortresses

-Second World War monuments (Tito's cave)

This open sea island can be reached by regular car-ferry services several times a day.
The villages in the interior of the island and the city of Komiža are connected by the local bus lines (that operate regularly after the ferry or catamaran arrival) of by taxi services that are available 24 hours a day. Excursions in the countryside will thrill those annoyed by the urban atmosphere and everyday hectic rhythm.

Vineyards, olive-groves, beautiful landscapes and unforgettable sunset from the highest point of the island will definitely remain etched on visitor's memory